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Best of October 2012

October has been a great month! Getting quite a lot of painting done (for my standards at least), having finally finished the Blood Angels Death Company and having a great time at Scale Model Challenge 2012. One thing is missing from the list below however, no new releases have caught my eye... except maybe for the art book by Roman & Raffa... but that one is not even released yet :D

Painted Miniatures

Chaos Cultist by Emuse
Tomb King by Sproket
Yürgen Malapipa by Suou
Severus: Renewal by automaton
Dragon Slayer by rusto
Abyssal Warlord by C'tan
Migail The Selenite by We7


Basing ideas by Serpentarium
SMC 2012 report by MaGie
Indiegogo Art Book campaign by Roman Lappat & Raffaele Picca


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