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Scale Model Challenge 2012 - part 3: our table

Welcome to the third and final part of my Scale Model Challenge 2012 report. Read part 1 here, part 2 here.

In this part I just want to share some pictures of our table. I teamed up with Maartje, Pascal and Gert to spend the day painting and showing our miniatures to the public.

Pascal at work:

Gert painting:

First person view :)

Maartje and I:

Maartje guarding the fort:

Some of Pascal and Gert's models on display:

Maartje's miniatures:

My display:

Coconut bread, hmmm yummy! Actually this is Maartje's palette :)

Pascal's painting is so good he actually scared off these kids:

In the afternoon this little guy was sitting on my table. It's a gift from Raffa (Massive Voodoo):

What a fun day we had!

And in the end our "team" brought home three prizes from the painting contest: gold for Pascal and Maartje and a silver medal for me. Picture by Pascal (source).


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