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Scale Model Challenge 2012 coverage - part 1: the show

SMC 2012 was big, actually it was huge! So much to see that I am going to split this report into multiple parts (probably three).

In this first part I want to focus on the show in general. Actually I was part of the show as well :) A few months ago I asked painting friends Maartje, Gert and Pascal to join me for a day of painting at SMC and they agreed. So here's how our table looked:

More about this in another part :)
So here's a general overview of the club area:

The competition area, very big but also very full:

The prizes:

Here are some pictures from the club tables. Most of them were about military modeling, so a lot of tanks and other scale models. But also some figures here and there, although our own table was the only one focusing on 28mm fantasy.

The fascinating world of flats :)

Next to the competition area there was this amazing table with work from the Scale Model Factory club, which organised SMC:


The Massive Voodoo booth. They were special guests at the show, but I felt their location wasn't very good. They were sitting in a hall between the club and trader halls. But of course we took some time to check them out.

Maartje checking out Raffa's portfolio book:


One half of the trader hall. Again, a strong focus on scale modeling here, lot's photo-etch stuff, plinths, 1:35 scale bits, etc. There was also a positive side to this: I didn't spend that much money :)

Shapeways showing off some of their cool stuff:

Back in the club hall I was amazed by this guy who made these paper models:

Except for the strings and gun barrels, everything is paper:

Real or not? :)


Jan said... @ October 16, 2012 at 9:59 PM

Zelfs onze clubstand, maar ik zat er net niet ;-)

Unknown said... @ October 16, 2012 at 10:46 PM

thx:d nice photos
can't wait for part 2

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