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Best of October 2011

Good thing last month some winners from the UK Games Day decided to put their own pictures of their figures online, because GW's pictures didn't give a realistic view on the competition entries as usual. Another noteworthy competition was Hussar in Poland, and of course DUZI, of which you can read a report on this very blog.

Here are the interesting links for October 2011:

Space Girl by CoolMiniOrNot, limited edition goodness.

Red Box Games' zombies, awesome sculpts for a very fair price.

Sometimes you are doubtful about a new product, but then you come along a good, clear review to take away the doubts. Looks like GW's liquid green stuff is quite useful in some areas.

Steve Buddle's entry for the UK GD, that sculpted zombie cow should be made into a real model.

Banshee by automaton, crazy checkerboard pattern!

Domaru (Infinity) by Avicenna.

Faerie Wears Boots by Tooshy.

Overview of all 2011 Slayer Sword winners. France is my favorite, which one is yours?

Painting video by Andrea, amazing how a video like this can make our hobby look so easy :)

Luicien Sforza, new Infnity miniature painted by Angel Giraldez, one of his best works in my opinion.

Hussar 2011 painting competition report, very serious competition painting going on in Poland.

Speaking of Hussar 2011, here are some extra shots of the gold winner of the diorama category.


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