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Mortebrume price setting

In my blog post about the Monde Du Jeu 2009 report, I mentioned something about the pricing of the Mortebrume starter set. Apparently this wasn't really a starter set, but simply an exclusive deal for sale on Monde Du Jeu only which contains all figures.

One of my blog readers, Dimitri, cleared up things in his comment:
"About the prices, this was a limited edition and there was no real "starter pack" at monde du jeu 2009. 130€ was the price for all the figures they were selling which means the four armies. Having a talk with lutin (the boss), he told me that by the end of october (when the game will be released on stores) you will have a starter pack for 15€ (figures, book, dice and everything)."
Thank you for this Dimitri :)


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