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Infinity Haqqislam Naffatûn WIP I

At last year's Crisis I bought a bunch Infinity miniatures because I wanted to paint a unit of Haqqislam elite soldiers as a unit entry for next year's competition. Well 9 months later these blisters are still in my cupboard... unopened. But a while ago I was browsing the Infinity site and forum and really wanted to paint one up again.

So I decided to open the blister containing the two Naffatûn miniatures. Since I planned to use the male figure in my unit, the female one was available to do some experimenting with.

I'm not going for a smooth, high quality level paintjob on this one. I just want to test out a few things on the figure and see how I can incorporate these into some future work. First up is the colorscheme. I sticked close to the studio paintjob: khaki-grey, brown and green. The details will be in orange, the weapon black or dark grey I think.

The second thing I wanted to test out is a technique known as 'zenithal lighting' or 'directional lighting'. Instead of highlighting the top of all raised surfaces, highlights will be more intense if they are closer to the source of light. To amplify the effect I also used more contrast than I usually do.

I'm quite happy with the results. The blendings aren't that smooth, but that wasn't the goal of this little experiment. I think I spent only 2 or 3 hours to achieve what you see below. On the right upper leg and the helmet the effect turned out the best. There should be some more contrast here and there but in general I think it's not bad for a first attempt at this painting style.


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