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Mini Art Con 2009

On Saturday 21 March Mini Art Con 2009 was held in the town of Reken, Germany. For me drive took about two and half hours but it was pleasant because of the sunny weather. The location was easy to find and there was plenty of parking space nearby. The building itself was similar to last year's edition: a large hall with a stage.

Once inside I was immediately plunged into the familiar and friendly atmosphere of the event. Not too small to be boring, not too big to be a mega-event. A good mix of exhibitors and traders offered a lot of interesting stuff to see. I immediately sought out my countryman Guy Botteldoorn who was displaying some of his miniatures on a table which he shared with Stefanie Arndt. A lot of my other painting friends were there too, and like most events I spent a lot of time chatting with Michael Holzapfel. And after seeing her on last years event and also at Crisis 2008, I finally took the time to have a chat with Brenda Gosman, who also had her own display stand.

For me, the highlight among all the exhibitors was Ben Komets. I'm a real fan of his work and I was very delighted to see the Poland Slayer Sword winning piece in his display cabinet, as well as the German Slayer Sword entry.

The painting competition had less entries than last year, but the level was again very high. The best of show award went to Brenda Gosman for her Cordelia, after winning several other prizes for the rest of her entries. I also managed to finish a piece in time: an Infinity figure. I didn't really have the time to put a lot of effort into the figure, so it didn't win anything, as expected. But I really wanted to enter something because competing is more important than winning, isn't it? :) If I find the time to take pictures of this figure I will surely post it here.

With this post I'm also happy to announce I finally have a gallery set up! It is hosted at Michael Holzapfel's website. It's still empty apart from the Mini Art Con 2009 pictures, but I hope this will change in the near future. Expect my painted miniatures to get a place there, as well as more pictures from past events.

So check out the Mini Art Con 2009 pictures here. See you next year ;)


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