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Mini Art Con 2009 is over: pictures incoming

Mini Art Con 2009 is history! Last Saturday I took the 250 km trip to the small town of Reken in Germany to attend this event, and it was great! Like other years the overall quality was very good and the atmosphere was very friendly. I took about 150+ pictures and I have already made a selection to put online.

My good friend Michael Holzapfel was so kind to donate some of his web space and set up a gallery for me. It still needs a lot of work, but at least I have a place now to store my pictures.

Expect a more detailed review and the picture gallery later this week.

When the gallery is online and running I should really put some time into uploading all the pictures of my painted minis, and also to put the promised pictures of Crisis 2008 online.

Mini Art Con really got my motivation shifting into a higher gear, all I need to find now is some time :)


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