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Best of November 2012

November was pretty cool :) I finished another piece: Dark Vlad by Enigma Miniatures. It's also my highest ranking miniature on CoolMiniOrNot. It even made it to the Top Last 7 Days :)

Another cool thing was my invitation to Putty & Paint. Check out my gallery here:

Okay let's continue with the other highlights:

Also, Games Workshop released its next big thing: The Hobbit miniature game. I wasn't very impressed at first, but I must say the releases, especially the starter box, has started to grow on me, from a gamer's standpoint of view that is. From a painter's standpoint this is what I think:

No I'm not going to pay 60 EUR for a box with 4 figures of which I want only one :)


Ringil said... @ December 6, 2012 at 6:35 PM

Haha, I want Galadriel from "White council" box and I'm not going to pay 45 pounds for it.

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