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Desktop update: Death Company and upcoming projects

Since the last update I've made some process on the Death Company, and there are also some plans on some future projects, so this post is rather long :) 

One Death Company marine is already done, you can see him below. Not easy to photograph, the primer on this one is a bit grainy, and the black paint a bit glossy. So you might notice some light specks on the armor. These aren't visible in real life, they're reflections caused by the gloss and the texture of the primer.

I'm working on the next two at the moment. I mixed in some matte medium when painting the armor, that really helped in taking the shine off which I experienced on the first model. This reminds of the article which was once posted on Massive Voodoo, where they compare different brands of black paint. I'm using Vallejo Model Color black, which comes out as "pretty glossy" in the black paints test.

I'm not a huge fan of GW miniatures, most of you know that, but I have a weak spot for Space Marines. I really like them, even the regular rank & file marines. But painting them is something very different... when I see well painted Space Marines on CoolMiniOrNot for example I always think "hey, I want to paint that too". but when I start paintig them myself, I don't consider it much fun. I'm not confident enough to paint them in a zenithal-highlighted way, so I settle with the 'Eavy Metal style. Basically it's tracing lines: requires a lot of brush control but to be honest it isn't very challenging in any other way. It's hard to keep myself motivated long when working on Space Marines. I'm doing allright with this small batch, but I think I will take a small break from them when these two are finished (I also have to do the arms and weapons, and the commander's head).

A next project could be a figure for the WAMP Bane Legions contest. Too bad the figure I ordered at Maelstrom Games was delayed by 3 weeks, because of an item included in my order which wasn't in stock. I contacted their customer service and gave my permission to remove the item from the order, so I hope I will be receiving their package soon.

When on the lookout for a new projects, and being inspired by the awesome movie poster of the upcoming The Hobbit movie, I suddenly recalled I had these partially painted figures lying around:

The Fellowship, some of the best sculpted models in the Lord of the Rings range by Games Workshop. And the good thing: they're metal (currently only available in Finecast). This project was started in 2008 (original blog post here) but was rapidly abandoned for an unknown reason. Today I made the decision to strip the paint off, and paint these guys again. Frodo was mostly done, not bad, but not up to my current painting standard in my opinion.

Removed the bases....

and a few moments later they're bathing in acetone :)

I'm going to scrub some pewter now, take care everyone!


40K Giveaway said... @ July 20, 2012 at 5:03 PM

beautiful work on the Death Company! I look forward to seeing more

Cilleon said... @ August 24, 2012 at 10:13 AM

Hi, great work, i bought some death company too, I have a weak spot for space marines too, besides these I don't paint GW miniatures, I look forward to see the finished product. Can I ask you how you bought your Kolinsky brushes, I'm from belgium too. Keep up the good work!

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