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Best of September 2011

If you are subscribed to Corvus' Miniatures on facebook then you will already know I post interesting links now and then, ranging from articles to painted miniatures on CMON. But since the majority of the readers on this blog aren't on facebook, I'd like to make a post at the end of every month including some of the more interesting links I've stumbled upon during that month.

I'm not going to bother putting them in a particular order, I think each link describes its content pretty well. Let me know if you found this entertaining or not.

Amazing freehand combined with a very realistic transparency effect, especially the cloth lying on the floor. 

"The Taming", great concept, bronze Golden Demon at GD Spain 2011.

The Tuto-Thèque, a library of miniature painting tutorials, brought to my attention by Massive Voodoo. Quite a valuable resource!

Very good picture report of this years GD UK, by Cédric Lurkin.

Confrontation re-release by CMON. Great news, I thought, until I noticed the price :( Worth mentioning anyway.

Epic tutorial on how Raffa's 2010 GD Germany Slayer Sword winner came to be.


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