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Desktop shot II

I'm working on several projects at the moment... so it's time for another desktop shot to give an overview.

In front of the paint bottles are some more Space Marines. They're tacticals with special weapons. On this picture they are only basecoated, but I finished the armour of four of them yesterday, and the others' armour is also nearly done.

At the bottom left you can see the latest addition to my Space Marine force: a Drop Pod. It was a joy to assembly, a bit tricky in times but I think it turned out OK. I used two colors of primer on the pod: black for the inside and the bottom, and white for the outside. At first I wanted to leave the pod in a few pieces to make the painting easier, but in the end I decided to assemble the entire thing in one go. This allowed me to put some extra glue on here and there and create a really strong structure and I avoided the painstaking process of assembling and touching up already painted parts.

In the center of the table (on the two bits of foam) is the Infinity mini I mentioned earlier. Actually this is 60% done, so I should really post a WIP here before it's done :)

And then the group of brownish figures in the center is my latest side-project: the Fellowship of the Ring. I don't play the game, but I'm really intrigued by it and the figures are great. The Fellowship box has been lying around my desk for almost a year now, so I decided it's time to paint this up finally. I'm going for a very good gaming standard. Right now I'm working on the skintones. A WIP post will be dedicated to these figures really soon.


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